About Us

With a sense of responsibility towards our planet and the right to a healthy environment, Kadir Has University Faculty of Law founded the “Climate Change and Law Laboratory”!.
Our rationale:

  • Being aware of the fact that Planet Earth is our only home
  • Being concerned with the recent results of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report on Global Warming
  • Facing the reality of severe results of climate change as wildfires, floods, depletion of water resources, melting glaciers
  • Believing that every contribution is invaluable in the struggle against climate change and it is time for the jurists to step in
Our goals:
  • Contributing to the global objective of “saving our future”
  • Training the next generation of lawyers with a climate awareness
  • Founding a long-term platform for discussions on the legal side of struggling climate change by gathering legal scholars, experts, practitioners, lawmakers, and other concerned groups
  • Creating an opportunity to get together with world-known experts on related topics
  • Raising climate awareness amongst the target group
  • Drawing attention to possible climate change and disaster displacements, climate refugees
  • Introducing this critical field to Turkish legal scholars and practitioners in order to start discussions for the development of Turkish Law policies to address climate change

Our Team